Brian Duncan Design home background sites

Esurg Corporation Seattle, Washington
UI Designer/Developer -
December 2003-present

  • Responsible for all front-end design code using JSP, CSS and XML
  • Maintain existing site code base in HTML 4.0 transitioning to XHMTL 1.0 standard
  • Extensive use of include components throughout site as well as conditional content display based on user type
  • Redesigned portions of internal site administrative interface for improved usability
  • Created wire frames (Visio) and page mockups (Photoshop), defining functional requirements for site enhancements and new feature functionality
  • Participated in project requirement and scope definition for version one of new vertical market for FireRescue GPO (
  • Designed and planned FireRescue web site from inception to implementation of version one, detailing functionality and site flow via wire frames
  • Created all design elements for FireRescue website utilizing Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Implemented front-end code for FireRescue site hand coding XHTML 1.0, CSS and XML

AT&T Wireless Redmond, Washington
Web Developer Consultant -
September 2003-December 2003

  • Provided consultation regarding implementation of site wide redesign effort based on design produced by third party vendor
  • Participated in redesign effort with existing web development team, hand coding with HTML 4.0 and CSS

Grassroots Enterprise, Inc. San Francisco, California
Internet Software Designer / Web Designer -
April 2001-September 2003

  • Responsible for all front-end design implementation for software application using JHTML, CSS and XML technology running on ATG Dynamo
  • Hand coded all HTML using HTML 4.0 standard and ensured code produced by back-end Java developers displayed properly
  • Redesigned and maintained corporate website,
  • Worked with Product Management team to determine requirements for new functionality and enhancements
  • Created wire frames using Visio and page mockups from PRDís using Photoshop, which defined page flow and proposed UI implementation for new features
  • Responsible for creating web page templates replicating the look and feel of client web sites
  • Assisted in documentation and creation of proprietary Grassroots mark up language for building templates which enable dynamic content authoring when used in the Grassroots software application
  • Served as support engineering for Client Services representatives, investigating application issues and debugging template problems

Cymerc Exchange, Inc., San Francisco, California
Web Designer / Project Lead -
June 2000-February 2001

  • Responsible for front-end design implementation using JSP technology running on Weblogic
  • Hand coded all HTML on JSP pages and ensured code produced by back-end Java developers was integrated into HTML in JSP presentation layer
  • Led re-design efforts to improve usability and navigation of Customer Service application. Analyzed Customer Service Representatives' processes to identify application improvements and enhancements.
  • Worked closely with Product Marketing team to flush out requirements for new site features and enhancements
  • Served as functional lead for new feature enhancements (e.g., shopping cart) which required coordination between product marketing and back-end engineers and quality assurance. Responsible for scope containment and on-time completion of front-end scope items.
  • Developed brand image for new service offerings, campaigns and promotions, external banner ads and web site features
  • Processed and optimized digital product shots for use in site product listings

EverythingOffice, Inc., San Francisco, California
Webmaster -
Feb. 1998-June 2000

  • Responsible for current site (version 3) design, content and user interface
  • Designed current site and hand coded all HMTL on ATG Dynamo
  • Maintained all versions of site, updating content and graphics as needed
  • Defined site user interface for multiple profile user roles (internal customer service and sales, external customer users and customer supervisors)
  • Worked with Java software development team to ensure features met user interface guidelines and site structure
  • Acted as liaison and art director to outsource design firm for previous version (2) of site
  • Organized, integrated and managed catalog database of 200K items from multiple vendors
  • Worked with CEO and Director of Operations to define structure and responsibilities of Customer Service Team
  • Created site training modules and trained Sales and Customer Service teams through three site revisions
  • Set up merchant accounts necessary for online credit card processing
  • Interacted with outside marketing firm regarding artwork and content for sales marketing pieces and catalog design
  • Formatted all collateral and interacted with printer for fulfillment
  • Met with potential business partners to define protocol for information flow

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